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Specialist Valuation Services for Banks, Lenders, Investors & Financial Institutions

Valuation for Banking Purpose

There has always been a focus on the measurement and analysis of bank loan portfolios. Commercial and consumer loans represent the largest asset on bank’s balance sheets, and the application of fair value accounting to bank loan assets has become an important trend in the industry. This is where the need for expert asset valuers comes in.
At RNC, we are a valuation firm of international repute. Combining an experienced and technically proficient team of business and asset valuation experts and advisors, we have helped drive lending and investment decisions by providing independent, credible, and professional valuation services.
Banks and financial institutions get asset valuations done to get a clear understanding of the collateral value that is being pledged against the loans, enabling them to take lending decisions thereupon.

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    Valuation for banking purposes includes accurate property valuation under various stages of the life cycle of a company such as borrowing, one-time settlement, restructuring, insolvency & bankruptcy, etc.
    RNC has been at the forefront for providing property valuation for bank loan, ARCs, financial institutes and other investors. RNC is empanelled as government registered and approved valuers with multiple banks, financial institutions, government and semi government bodies, public sector units, asset reconstruction companies, etc., for valuation of immovable properties as well as Plant & Machinery valuation.

    RNC is an asset valuer registered with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) for all three asset classes –

    • Plant and machinery valuation
    • Land and building valuation
    • Financial valuation of securities or assets


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