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ALOP Insurance Services Enhanced Confidence & Coverage Against Financial Losses Due to Project Delays

Project Monitoring Services for ALOP Insurance

In the event of an ongoing construction project, infrastructure project, or industrial project, delays or interruptions can cause significant losses to the financier who has funded the project. ALOP insurance offers financial safeguard and targeted risk management for such projects.

At RNC, we provide services for DSU/ALOP insurance coverage for a wide array of construction and infrastructure projects. 
Our clients leverage the expertise of our team of experienced risk inspection, insurance advisory experts, surveyors and loss assessors to combat and stay ahead of project uncertainties and economic losses.  

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    Financial Experts Discussing
    Advance loss of profit insurance or ALOP insurance, also called Delay in Start-up (DSU) insurance, is proposed to provide coverage for financial losses due to delays in industrial, construction and infrastructure projects. This policy provides a compensation if the insured faces lost profits when a project takes longer than expected to complete due to any insured peril.
    Our surveyors and loss assessors periodically inspect the insured project and provide a detailed report to the insurance company covering the progress of the project and its time and cost overruns, if any.

    Our Services

    RNC provides ALOP insurance services for projects in the following areas:

    Real estate


    underground works

    Highways and bridges

    Dams and hydropower plants

    Industrial facilities

    To know more about our services, book an appointment with us.