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Due Diligence, Asset Tagging &
Other Key Advisory Services
for Businesses Across Industries

Advisory Services

Organizations require specialized advisory services during the course of their business, which are essential for them to make informed decisions for reaching their aspirations and achieving their goals.
Functions like due diligence, asset tagging, componentization, etc. are included in advisory services to help modern business tackle modern business problems.
At RNC, we combine strategic knowledge with complete technical and financial capabilities, while our focus on global best practice and leading-edge thinking ensures we consistently deliver reliable advisory services.
Our advisory services help businesses address the challenges and opportunities in a complex and volatile economic environment.

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    Our Services Include

    RNC has a blend of experienced technical and financial experts offering the following techno-commercial services:

    Techno Economic
    Viability Studies
    Independent Engineer
    Asset Tagging & Mapping and FAR Preparation
    Due Diligence
    Chartered Engineer

    Our Clientele

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