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Market Research and Viability Studies Like Techno Economic Feasibility That Steer Businesses in The Right Direction

Techno Economic Viability Studies

A Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Study involves appraisal of the technical feasibility, comprehended by its impact on the financial viability of a business. TEV Study provides the proponents valuable assistance in decision-making relevant to issues such as lease vs. buy, business plan formulation, asset management, market entry strategy, bid process management, transaction advisory, and more.
The purpose of a TEV study is to determine if a business opportunity is possible, practical, and viable in technical as well as financial terms for green field, brown field and stressed businesses.
Our team at RNC performs Techno Economic Viability studies / Techno Economic Feasibility reports with in-depth knowledge of both – technical and financial aspects. RNC’s blend of proficient and highly competent technical and commercial team facilitates bankers and investors to make suitable lending and investment decisions

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    Who We Serve

    RNC provides unmatched advisory and techno commercial services which includes:

    Manufacturing & Industrial
      Hotels & Hospitality
     Real Estate and Housing
     Supply Chain & Logistics
    Commercial/ IT Parks
    Data Centers


    To know more about our services, book an appointment with us.