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Proven & Reliable Valuation Services in Mumbai

Valuation Services in Mumbai

Leading Provider of Independent Business & Company Valuation Services in Mumbai.

Expert valuation of businesses, tangible and intangible assets and hard-to -value securities
Valuations for both large and small businesses, across all industries for all purposes
Balanced, unbiased, and technically-sound business valuation expertise

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    Business valuation, also known as company valuation, determines the value of a company and is performed for a variety of purposes. In the course of any potential transaction, such as acquisition negotiations, stakeholders or interested parties including investors, creditors, sellers, and buyers need to assess the business’ value prepared by independent professionals.

    As India’s leading valuation service provider, RNC has been delivering credible and confident business valuation to clients for more than three decades. Our business valuation firm in Mumbai draws on our nationwide presence and strong reputation with the regulatory and standard-setting bodies. Backed by a qualified, experienced, and technically-proficient team of experts, we understand the art and science of accurate business valuations.

    valuation services in mumbai

    Measure & Maximize Your Business Value With RNC

    business valuation services
    Our team has the expertise and experience to satisfy any tangible or intangible asset valuation in Mumbai
    We are experienced in valuing companies across the business cycles, including startup, growth stage, and special situations
    We apply various valuation models to businesses to produce a reasonable and successful valuation outcome.
    Whether you need intangible asset valuation, ESOP valuation, or real estate valuation in Mumbai, we can help.
    Our team at RNC brings a well-rounded and nuanced understanding of valuation across the areas of intangible asset valuation such as valuation of goodwill, reputation, relationship, intellectual property, and brand valuation, etc.
    Our real estate valuation in Mumbai involves using proven methods, best practices, and principles of property valuation for investments, corporate deals, loans and lending activities.
    With our ESOP valuation in Mumbai, we help clients with a professional and objective opinion on opportunities and risks in their ESOP models while also meeting their valuation needs for accounting and tax purposes.

    Our Services

    Our business valuation services benefit companies across a wide spectrum of sectors such as fintech, edutech, e-commerce, metal, mining, power, EPC & infrastructure, chemicals and fertilizers, engineering, real estate, consumer goods, hospitality, automobile, logistics, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, telecom, etc.
    Besides our valuation services, we also specialise in corporate finance, distressed M&A deals, and other insurance and advisory services including insurance audits, survey, and loss assessments, to name a few

    Valuation Services

    We provide valuation services in Mumbai for insolvency and bankruptcy, fundraising, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, purchase price allocations, financial reporting under IndAS and IFRS, and more. 


    Insurance Advisory

    We provide excellent insurance advisory services to insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance parties that consolidate coverage and prevent costly disputes. 

    Advisory Services

    Our advisory services help businesses make informed decisions and address the challenges and opportunities of the changing economic landscape. 


    Corporate Finance & Deal

    We provide services that help corporate, high-value businesses and enterprises navigate complex or unique situations and identify areas of opportunity and maximum value.  


    To know more about our services, book an appointment with us.