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Accurate Valuation Services for Asset Retirement & Disposals

Valuation for Asset Retirement and Disposal Purpose

There are various scenarios when an asset needs to be retired, disposed of or otherwise written off. Asset valuation of this type is required for the actual disposal as well as for updating the accounting records.

At RNC, we specialise in asset valuation services such as property valuation, land and building valuation, plant and machinery valuation, and complete business valuation that help clients obtain accurate insights and maximum realisation during asset disposals.

Here are the typical scenarios where the expertise of asset valuers like RNC is invaluable:

An asset is fully depreciated or no longer productive and must be disposed of.
An asset is no longer useful or needed due to change in product, technology or becomes obsolete for any other reason.
An asset must be removed from the books due to unforeseen circumstances.

RNC’s team is made of asset valuation experts, advisors, and consultants. We have been providing valuation services for retirement and disposal of assets, enabling the stakeholders such as government institutions, listed and unlisted entities, corporates, banks and financial institutions, etc. to take informed decisions thereupon.

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