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Premier Valuation Firm for Commercial Dispute Valuation & Litigation Advisory

Valuation for Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation and dispute resolution over matters related to business value or other ownership interests can be a daunting task for any organization or legal firm.
Legal disputes pertaining to the value of assets and businesses requires valuation services rendered by a specialist valuation firm like RNC since each business and its assets have intrinsic attributes which are distinctive from others which needs to be factored in, for determination of its value.
Valuations carried out particularly for legal purposes require in-depth domain knowledge and expertise as it has to stand the scrutiny of the opposing parties and judiciary.
Hence, the quality of the valuation report and the expertise of the asset valuer become extremely important to provide the correct valuation advice to the client for the legal proceedings.

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    At RNC, we are a seasoned team of domain experts with extensive knowledge and expertise in tangible asset valuation such as land and building valuation, plant and machinery valuation, inventory valuation as well as intangible asset valuation including valuation of goodwill, brand valuation, etc.
    We have been providing our valuation services to an esteemed clientele of enterprises, MNCs, and high-value startups, while being the preferred partner for the legal firms and corporates.


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