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We are valuers with extensive knowledge in real estate valuation, financial valuation, enterprise valuation, plant and machinery valuation, and more.

A wide range of insurance advisory services, insurance audit, and insurance survey & loss assessment to organizations to support their needs.

Long-term, independent, and trusted advisory including due diligence, chartered engineer, asset tagging, componentization, and more.

Comprehensive and tailored corporate finance, deal advisory, debt syndication, and distressed M&A services to companies, investors, lenders, and asset managers.

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    About Us

    RNC is a leading valuation firm and Insurance consultancy with top-tier credentials and nationwide presence. We are a trusted name with over three decades of rich experience in business valuation, brand asset valuation, and valuation of goodwill and intangible assets, insurance advisory, asset tagging, due diligence, corporate finance, distressed M&A deals, and other valuation, insurance, and advisory services.



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