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A Broad Spectrum of Insurance Advisory Services That Consolidate Coverage And Prevent Costly Coverage Disputes.

Insurance Advisory

As an insurance and claim consultancy of high calibre, RNC has over three decades of rich experience of providing insurance advisory services to insurance companies, insurance brokers, and insured parties.

 Having handled various complex, high value and challenging losses spanning across various industries, RNC has cemented its position as one of the most trusted insurance consultancy, insurance surveyors and loss assessors and insurance policy auditors in the nation.
Our practical approach and expertise is unique as it extends across multiple sectors of the trade and industry. Our experienced team and external sectoral experts work collectively to deliver unprejudiced, equitable and timely solutions to the stakeholders, providing them with extraordinary value.

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    Our Services

    RNC provides comprehensive insurance advisory services spanning the areas of:

    Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment

    Risk Inspection and


    Policy Audit

    Claims Consultancy

    Project Monitoring Services for ALOP Insurance


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