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Independent, Credible, & Confident Business Valuation Services By the Country’s Leading Asset Valuers

Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a company. Also known as company valuation, this type of valuation service is used by various stakeholders or interested parties including investors, creditors, sellers, and buyers to assess the worth of a business before any potential transaction.
Accurate business valuation is both an art and a science. As India’s top brand asset valuation service providers, RNC combines the strengths of an expertly-qualified, experienced, and technically proficient team that understands the art and science of business valuations
We consider an asset-based approach, earning potential approach and market value approach while forming our balanced opinion on business valuation.


RNC has the experience and expertise of valuing companies across the business cycles encompassing startups, growth stage, and special situations. Therefore, you can trust our knowledge and nuanced understanding of valuation across the areas of startup valuation, enterprise valuation, brand valuation, plant and machinery valuation, real estate valuation, inventory valuation, and more.

Our valuation services and advisory have facilitated successful outcomes for businesses in sectors like technology, FinTech, EduTech, e-commerce, metal, mining, power, EPC & infrastructure, chemicals and fertilizers, engineering, real estate, cement, construction, consumer goods, hospitality, automobile, logistics, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, telecom, electronics, textile, etc.

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    Our business valuation services can be used for the following purposes:

    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Taxation and Regulatory
    IPO and Commercial Papers
    Debt Restructuring
    Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    Banking & Lending
    Reinstatement Valuation for Insurance
    Insolvency and Bankruptcy
    Management Review / Strategic Decisions


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