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Raise Funds to Meet Your Capital &
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Debt Syndication & Equity Financing Services

Fund Raising – Debt Syndication & Equity Financing

Fundraising is the process of aggregating debt from banks and financial institutions or raising capital by selling shares to investors or a combination of the both – depending upon the needs and requirements of the company.
Debt syndication is a service used by corporates for various business reasons that include funding for mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and other capital expenditure projects. These types of capital projects often require amounts of capital that typically exceed a single lender’s resource or underwriting capacity.
Equity finance is a means of raising capital by selling shares to the public, institutional investors, venture capitalists or financial institutions.

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    RNC works closely with its clients to build fundraising capacity especially in green and brown field projects and strategic assets acquisitions. RNC’s domain knowledge and financial expertise helps in understanding and matching the client and financial lender’s needs based on debt size, sector approach and optimal cost structures.

    Debt Syndication

    Equity Financing


    To know more about our services, book an appointment with us.