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Detailed, Accurate & Independent Inventory Valuation Services

Valuation of Stocks and Inventory

Complete inventory valuation takes into account the length and breadth of your inventory and stock assets, including those which are dispersed across locations, and is a vital process during buying/selling or transfer of property ownership. Inventory valuation is also important for the purpose of making insurance claims.
Stocks and inventory are assets that fall in the broad category of securities and financial assets. This type of asset valuation is required for compliance with accounting standards, providing comfort to creditors and other purposes like mergers and acquisitions, sale or liquidation of assets or business.

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    Following are typical assets included in Stocks & Inventory:

    Inputs like Raw material, Fuel, stores and spares
    Work In Progress – Comprising of Under construction units for Real Estate, Goods under manufacturing, Semi – finished goods, etc.
    Finished goods, Stocks for sale, By-products, Scarps, Rejects & Wastes, etc.

    As a trusted valuation firm with a strong and capable team of experienced asset valuers, RNC has executed several complex and challenging assignments covering diverse industries like pharmaceutical, engineering, real estate, EPC & infrastructure, ship building, etc.


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