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Business Valuation Services for Impairment Testing of Goodwill and Assets

Valuation for Impairment Testing

Various accounting and reporting standards stipulate that an entity should ensure that its assets are carried at no more than their recoverable amount.
To comply with this stipulation, impairment testing studies have to be carried out as per applicable standards as part of business valuation.
Impairment testing is also a desirable tool to maintain the confidence of investors and other stakeholders in a business.
At RNC, we possess the specialized knowledge and expertise required to provide clients with independent opinion through valuation of goodwill, tangible and intangible asset valuation for impairment testing purposes.

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    Impairment testing calls for across the board expertise of asset valuers to test the impairment of goodwill, brand value, other intangible assets as well as tangible assets.
    Impairment analysis provides re-measurement of tangible assets, intangible assets or goodwill pursuant to the financial reporting requirement under Ind AS, IFRS or US GAAP.
    RNC, with its extensive knowledge and globally-recognized business and asset valuation methods, has carried out numerous complex and challenging assignments for impairment testing.


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