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Plant & Machinery Valuation & Services By India’s #1 Asset Valuers

Valuation of Plant & Equipment

Plant and machinery valuation demands in-depth knowledge of machinery and manufacturing processes. This exercise encounters several variables some of which are generic but most are specific to the assets. The type of plant and equipment differs from industry to industry and also depends on the product being manufactured.
Specific utility of plant and equipment and its design and applicability to production of intended goods and services, contribute towards determining the value of such assets.
Maintenance practices adopted, usefulness, salvage value, cost of import, exchange rate, obsolescence, elapsed and balanced life of equipment are factors which influence asset valuation outcomes.


At RNC, we pride ourselves on our strong techno commercial team comprising engineers across disciplines such as civil, mechanical, chemical, textile, mechatronics, electrical, electronics, etc. as well as chartered accountants and cost accounts.

Our wealth of knowledge, experience, advisory and technical expertise enables us to provide plant and machinery valuation services across sectors like metal, mining, power, EPC and infrastructure, chemicals and fertilizers, engineering, real estate, cement, construction, consumer goods, hospitality, automobile, logistics, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, telecom, information technology and electronics, textile, etc.

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    Our plant and machinery valuation are useful for purposes such as:

    Asset retirement & Disposal
    Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    Transfer Pricing
    Impairment study
    Insolvency and Bankruptcy
    Management Review / Strategic Decisions
    Fairness Opinions
    Banking & Lending
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Cost Vetting
    Taxation and Regulatory
    Debt Restructuring
    Purchase Price Allocations
    IPO and Commercial Papers
    Financial Reporting under IndAS and IFRS
    Reinstatement Valuation for Insurance


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