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Valuation for Fairness Opinion in M&A Transaction

By July 9, 2024Case Studies1 min read
Valuation for Fairness Opinion in M&A Transaction


A Corporation seeks a fairness opinion for its Merger with another company. The proposed transaction’s financial terms had to be evaluated to ensure fairness to the company’s shareholders.


Financial and Market Analysis was conducted, including DCF modeling, to determine the company’s intrinsic value. Due diligence and discussions with stakeholders provided insights into the deal’s rationale and synergies.


A comprehensive fairness opinion report was prepared, presenting findings and supporting analysis to the board. The report guides informed decision-making regarding the Merger’s terms and fairness to shareholders.


The fairness opinion affirms the Merger’s financial fairness, instilling confidence in the transaction’s terms. The Corporation proceeds with the merger, bolstered by transparency and trust among stakeholders.

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