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Apples & Oranges, Cars & Car, Valuers & Valuer

By July 12, 2022June 17th, 2024Case Studies3 min read
Apples & Oranges, Cars and Car, Valuers and Valuer

What’s the connection

Mr. Ambition (Amby) works for a large & brag-worthy financial services company & is known for his sharp & honest nature.

One day as he was leaving for the office his wife asked him to get apples while coming back and to make sure not to get oranges as he did the last time.

A meeting with his boss began as soon as he arrived at the office. He remembered the boss was working on netting a large assignment for advising big pharma on buying out small pharma. Amby was hopeful of working on it ton prove his worth.

After presenting himself on the double, he waited the boss to speak

“Well” replied the boss, “I think we’ve got a big project here, and you will be the one to take charge, and if we’re able to successfully complete it, you can expect a handsome bonus and maybe even a promotion. You need to shortlist somebody to value Small Pharma.”
Amby thought appointing a valuer should be a cakewalk. All he had to do was get a list of registered valuers & send out inquiries and appoint the L1 amongst them.

He got busy & decided to start the process of appointing the valuer the next day.

After buying the apples (the freshest & not the cheapest ones) & getting home, Amby told his wife about his upcoming bonus & promotion.

“Great,” replied the wife, “now we’ll buy a car with the bonus, let’s start choosing”

Well, Amby had his dinner and hit the bed happy with the day’s events.

In his dream, his old professor Mr. Taskmaster appeared to him and told him, “What is this business of selecting the right car for you?” Would not you rather buy the cheapest car on the market in the same way you plan to hire the L1 valuer?”

Amby got up with a shudder & had an epiphany moment. He realized that just like buying a car where he would look at the brand, model, engine size, fuel, seating capacity, color, and so on.

He needs to select a valuer based on the right aspects, such as experience, reputation, team strength, domain expertise, credentials, references, etc.

It was clear that Amby had to devise a robust plan for selecting a valuer.


So how did Amby got about shortlisting competent valuers and appointing the right one?