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How Safe is it to Buy an Auction Property in India Auctioned by Various Banks?

By May 28, 2024June 17th, 2024Blog5 min read
How Safe is it to Buy an Auction Property in India Auctioned by Various Banks?

Are you thinking about purchasing a property? A bank auction property, including those through a National Company Law Tribuna (NCLT) auction, might be a good choice for you. Banks conduct various property auctions to recover their losses, encompassing all types of properties, such as residential, commercial, and agricultural.

Buying a property at a bank auction in India can be enticing, primarily because prospective buyers can purchase at a price significantly lower than the market value. However, this process involves unique risks and rewards that you need to navigate carefully.

What is an NCLT Auction?

NCLT auctions are a process where properties, typically distressed assets, are auctioned off under the supervision of the NCLT. These properties are usually owned by companies undergoing insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings. The aim is to liquidate assets to repay creditors and settle debts.

Pros of Buying an NCLT Auctioned Property

  1. Lower Prices: Auctioned properties are generally 15-20% cheaper than their market value, providing buyers significant savings.
  2. Prime locations: Often, auctioned properties are in desirable locations that might otherwise be unaffordable.
  3. Transparent Process: NCLT auctions are conducted under judicial supervision, which can add a layer of transparency to the process.
  4. Legal Clarity: Properties auctioned through NCLT typically come with clear titles, as they are sold to settle outstanding debts

Cons of Buying an NCLT Auctioned Property

  1. Property condition: These properties are sold “as-is,” meaning the bank does not make repairs or improvements, which could lead to unexpected repair costs.
  2. Litigation Risks: Despite the NCLT’s oversight, the property may be involved in ongoing legal disputes or litigation. Buyers should be prepared for potential legal battles.
  3. Occupancy Issues: Some properties might be occupied by previous owners or tenants who could resist vacating the property. This could lead to prolonged legal processes to evict them.
  4. Pending Dues: The new owner may have to settle unpaid dues such as property taxes, maintenance fees, or utility bills.
  5. Inspection Limitations: Prospective buyers often need more opportunities to inspect the property thoroughly before the auction, making it difficult to assess its condition and any hidden defects.

Key Considerations for Buyers

The following are key considerations for buyers to mitigate risks when buying NCLT auctioned properties.

Due Diligence

Conduct thorough due diligence before participating in an auction. This involves verifying the property’s title, checking for any pending litigation, and understanding its physical and legal status to avoid future disputes and ensure a sound investment.

Legal Assistance:

Engage a legal expert with experience in NCLT auctions to help manage the complexities. A knowledgeable lawyer ensures all legal aspects are covered, from title verification to understanding the auction process and resolving potential legal issues.

Background Checks

Investigate the property’s history thoroughly. This includes looking into previous owners, past or ongoing legal disputes, and encumbrances like unpaid taxes or loans. A clear history helps avoid unexpected liabilities and ensures a secure purchase.

Bid Wisely

Set a budget that considers all potential additional costs. This includes legal fees, any pending dues, such as property taxes, and possible renovation expenses. Bidding wisely helps prevent financial strain and ensures the investment remains within affordable limits.

Clear Communication

Ensure clear communication with the auctioning bank and NCLT. Understanding all auction terms and conditions, including payment schedules and property handover procedures, is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth transaction process.

Property Inspection

If possible, arrange a physical inspection of the property. Assess the property’s condition, identify any structural issues, and estimate renovation costs. This will help you make an informed decision about the property’s true value and potential expenses.

Understanding Auction Rules

Familiarise yourself with the specific rules and procedures of the NCLT auction. Each auction may have unique requirements regarding registration, bidding increments, and payment timelines. Understanding these rules helps you strategise your participation effectively.

Our Valuation Firm Can Help You With Safe NCLT Auctions

Buying an NCLT auction property in India can be a good investment if approached with caution and due diligence. While the process offers the potential for significant savings, it is essential to be aware of the legal complexities and risks involved. Proper research, legal support, and a clear understanding of the auction process are critical to making a safe and informed purchase.

Engaging a legal expert like RNC to navigate these complexities can further safeguard your investment and ensure a smooth purchase process. At RNC, we provide comprehensive asset valuation services, thorough asset understanding, market research, expert advice, and more, assisting clients in making informed decisions.