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Want to Sell Your Business? Company Valuation Expert Tips for You

By December 26, 2022June 17th, 2024Blog4 min read
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While the decision to sell your business is difficult, it has to be strategic. One cannot simply do it on a whim. There has been careful consideration and all efforts to maximize the value of the business. Before a business is sold, it has to be valued to come up with a fair and reasonable price. Company valuation procedures make sure you get the most out of your transaction.

However, that does not mean you cannot increase the value of the business. There are many ways in which you can increase the value of your business before a transaction. It can be long-term value-building propositions. These are ways in which you will increase your business value today and help you in the future, giving you maximum value. Here are some tips from experts to help you increase your value.

Have a proper organizational infrastructure

It pays to have order and structure in an organization. A clear set of standardized processes and systems enable businesses to stay on a good track consistently. This means success is not a random event but a calculated one that can be repeated through known ways. A structure also ensures that when it comes down to a business transaction, there is an easier transition from one ownership to another. You can increase credibility with lenders, insurance companies and buyers as well when there are audited financial statements that are prepared by a CPA.

Self-sufficient Management

A business is not a one-man show. You cannot run it on your own and micromanage everything. Having a strong set of managers who can take critical decisions and run the company successfully is one of the biggest achievements of a company. A well-trained, motivated and empowered group of people working under you creates an atmosphere of self-sustained productivity. This reduces the risk of owner dependency, which can adversely affect your company’s value.

Have a vision for the future

A company’s worth is ascertained by its ability to bring in profits in the future. While historical growth gives the assurance of a similar pattern for the future, there should be tangible evidence that shows the prospects of profitability in the future. A long-term vision for the company’s value and market position can help create financial projection models for growth plans. With a vision, there is the possibility of an achievable goal and measurable milestones. A well-laid-out plan for your future, the ability to grow and the means of getting there are ways in which the worth of the business can be increased.

Diversify Your Revenues

The value of a company is not just measured by how much money it brings in. Buyers would want to see multiple revenue streams. Diverse revenue streams expanding and sustaining at a higher level are essential to add value to your business. This can be done by creating new customer groups or adding products. Creating opportunities to do a business that has a broader range of buyers than one that is concentrated on one segment will increase the value of the business

Improve Your Margins

A critical metric that comes into play while valuing a business is gross margins. This is the difference between the cost price and the sales price. This difference can be widened and margins improved by making operations more efficient. This has to be done with a long-term plan in mind. When cutting costs on overhead expenses, future expenses must also be considered. This can significantly improve your value.

Summing Up

A company valuation is a critical process and must only be done by experts. These are some tips our RNC experts have put together with their years of experience. You can use these tips and make the most of your transaction, although everything starts with the right planning.

If you are looking for an expert in the field of business valuation, you’re in the right place, RNC.  At RNC, we take pride in being the valuation firm with some of the finest experts in the country performing business valuation for decades. Please reach out to us today to take advantage of our expertise and sell your business with success.