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Timely Submission of the Valuation Report

By June 21, 2022June 17th, 2024Case Studies2 min read
Valuation Report

 A non-systematic approach severely impacts the timelines of valuation.

How our approach helped a company pull off their valuation in a seemingly impossible timeframe.


A company listed on the National Stock Exchange hired a firm to perform a valuation for Financial Reporting purposes. A timely report was required to present the company’s value to stakeholders ahead of its scheduled Annual General Meeting.


The timelines of the valuation exercise were not explicitly mentioned in the Engagement letter & hence the report timelines were perceived differently by the appointing company & the valuation firm.
No point of contact from both these firms made the process even more delayed lacking accountability.
Due to time constraints, the company failed to allocate resources & details sought by the valuer for completing the valuation.
The valuation report could not have been delayed at any cost since the date of the AGM was fixed, leaving little time on the table for coordination & valuation.


  • Mention the timelines for submission of the report in the Request for Quotation as well as issuing the Engagement Letter
  • Establish a SPOC (Single point of contact) from both parties to facilitate smooth execution & seamless communication
  • Discuss in advance the details the valuer seeks, based on their materiality
  • The company must inform clearly about the availability of resources & data at their end


Both parties burned the midnight oil to complete the valuation exercise, which was unlikely to happen if the best practices were followed.