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Top 5 Real Estate Myths You need to stop believing right away

By September 16, 2022June 17th, 2024Blog2 min read
Top 5 Real Estate Myths
  • Real Estate is a high-risk investment:

The term “safe investment” does not exist. Each of these investments, including shares, mutual funds, bank deposits, gold, commodities, and others, has a different level of risk depending on the state of the market, inflation, and other factors. One of the least risky investments that has created the most billionaires globally is real estate investing. However, because the stakes are high, people frequently overthink situations and put off making choices, which can be risky in and of themselves.

  •  If the property is not close to Central Business District, it’s not worth buying:

Most likely, real estate costs in the vicinity of the Central Business District have already peaked. However, you want to take a closer look at new development areas, where costs are currently rather low but could rise in the future.

  • Finding a property below market rate is one in a million case:

You are unlikely to find a house for sale that is being offered for less than it is worth. Everything is dependent on the seller’s eagerness. You only need to be aware of the best hunting spots and have some free time. If you are unable to put in the necessary time and effort, you can engage a specialist to negotiate the best price for you.

  • Real Estate is an industry full of goons. It is not for the educated class like us:

The most popular statement you’ve ever heard. In India, real estate has begun to become organized and professional over the past decade. Real estate-related hot startups have been founded by graduates of esteemed schools like the IITs and IIMs. Professionals from other well-established businesses, such as insurance, banking, hospitality, etc., frequently transition to real estate these days.

  • Most of the big real estate investors have been landlords for generations:

Like any other investment class, real estate draws investors from diverse financial backgrounds. You might consider investing in real estate in tiny markets. Who knows, small-cap real estate could grow to be the industry’s Big Bull.

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