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Valuation of Solar PV module Plant

By November 4, 2022June 17th, 2024Case Studies2 min read
Valuation of Solar PV module Plant

Valuation of a partially constructed Solar PV Module Plant


We have been assigned to evaluate a Photo voltaic Panel manufacturing plant that was admitted to CIRP under IBC. The plant was under construction when it was admitted into CIRP & construction has been stopped thereafter.
The majority of the plant & machinery were installed when the constriction stopped.

The challenges we faced

  • Major pieces of equipment were imported and is first to be set up in India
  • Availability of Raw material
  • Cheaper Imports

The problem leading to impairment in value

  • Any bidder who takes over the company has to deal with expired statutory approvals & terminated contracts
  • Deterioration in plant & machinery
  • Cost escalation
  • Huge CAPEX requirement for completion.

Our approach

A valuation approach was needed to arrive at valuations that could be used to obtain maximum value for the lenders, considering that the plant had been partially constructed and required substantial investment to complete.

The solution we offered

Valuation of these assets under the consideration of growing concerns after completion of balance plant & machinery.
Alternately, the valuation of assets on a piecemeal basis.


This approach facilitated the lenders to take a decision to dispose of this plant in the best possible manner to recover debts.

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