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Virtual Meetings: A Boon for Insurers during this Pandemic

By January 11, 2022June 17th, 2024Blog3 min read
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Unsurprisingly, the country is facing downtime due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leading to economic hardships for businesses, consumers and communities. Volatile markets have hugely impacted insurance companies in several ways.

As we venture into a new era of working life, technology plays a critical role in conducting insurance survey. Yes! With virtual meetings and web conferencing, you can still carry out an accurate and prompt assessment of the loss suffered by the claimant.

You can conduct successful virtual meetings using various applications like Zoom, Slack, Teams or Skype. Rakesh Narula & Co. – a leading insurance surveyor & loss assessor firm in Vadodara conducts insurance surveys using modern technologies. Virtual meetings are the best alternatives to maintain business continuity during this pandemic.

Do you want to know how we work?


virtual meetings for insurers and surveyors

After an incident, our professional insurance surveyor conducts a virtual survey to inspect the loss for insurance purposes. Using Zoom, we have been able to carry out inspection virtually with less effort. We keep all our important key stakeholders like the insurance company, broker and everyone involved to acquaint them about the status of the survey.

Despite the nationwide lockdown, we’re able to carry out virtual surveys using the latest digital technology.

The simple thing is to bring in technology to overcome insurance survey woes!

Implement proper digital tools to ensure productive planning, training and outreach across the company. During this time of financial stress, it becomes increasingly essential for the insurance sector to stay in good condition to serve.

After this phase has passed, the insurer’s risk management team should carefully assess how quickly and effectively all the queries were responded. Every business should take potential steps to make their company more resilient and all-ready for future pandemic events.

Rakesh Narula & Co. has diverse and in-depth knowledge, long experience and expertise of both insurance and valuation. We haven’t given up and are working hard to serve you. We are striving hard to bring you independent surveying and loss assessment services using all the latest technology.

About us:

Rakesh Narula & Co. (RNC), accredited as IRDA Licensed Category ‘A’ insurance surveyor & loss assessor, has assessed numerous high-value insurance claims for business interruption & material damage for three decades. We have a team that works with the insurer’s in-house teams to deliver both- controlled spend and enhanced customer, insurer and insurance broker satisfaction.